20.04.2016 Green Growth, Indicators, and the SDGs

The Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) held a webinar on 20 April, debating where and how we can improve the way we measure our progress towards an inclusive green economy, including how this relates to the SDGs.[meer...]

  19.03.2016 Towards a green economy in Germany? The role of energy efficiency policies

Paper by Marc Ringel, Barbara Schlomann, Michael Krail and Clemens Rohde, published in Applied Energy.[meer...]

  19.03.2016 Towards green growth: How does green innovation affect employment?

Paper by Rasi Kunapatarawong and Ester Martinez-Ros, published in Research Policy.[meer...]

  06.01.2016 New Perspectives for Environmental Policies Through Behavioral Economics

This book by Frank Beckenbach and Walter Kahlenborn reflects the potentials of behavioral economics for assessing environmental policy instruments.[meer...]

  30.11.2015 Role of Fiscal Instruments in Promoting Low-carbon Technology Innovation

A Green Growth Knowledge Platform Working Paper[meer...]

  30.11.2015 Environmental Taxation in Transport

A Green Growth Knowledge Platform Working Paper.[meer...]

  30.11.2015 Towards a Workable and Effective Climate Regime

A VoxEU.org eBook on what needs to be done to build a climate regime that is both workable and effective.[meer...]

  03.11.2015 The Economic Consequences of Climate Change

A quantitative assessment of the consequences of climate change on economic growth through to 2060 and beyond by the OECD.[meer...]

  26.10.2015 Environment at a Glance 2015

This OECD report shows the progress that OECD countries have made since 2000 in addressing a range of environmental challenges.[meer...]

  14.10.2015 The Innovation Imperative: Contributing to Productivity, Growth and Well-Being

This OECD report on provides a toolbox for governments that wish to strengthen innovation and make it more supportive of inclusive and green growth.[meer...]

  21.09.2015 Moving Towards a Circular Economy – Successful Nordic Business Models

This report shows 18 case examples of Nordic businesses which are part of the Nordic circular economy. [meer...]

  27.07.2015 Towards Green Growth?

Four years after the launch of the OECD Green Growth Strategy, this report draws lessons from country experience and examines how to enhance policy design to deliver green growth.[meer...]

  23.07.2015 Green skills and innovation for inclusive growth

This publication originates from the second 'green skills' forum jointly organisd by Cedefop and the OECD.[meer...]

  22.06.2015 Mogelijkheden voor 'groene groei' in Europa

Op 5 juni hield het Europese netwerk van hoofden van milieuagentschappen (EPA Netwerk) een bijeenkomst over Groene Groei in Brussel. In de Nieuwsbrief Milieu & Economie een paar impressies van deze bijeenkomst.[meer...]

  11.05.2015 3 Steps to Decarbonizing Development for a Zero-Carbon Future

A World Bank News Publication[meer...]

  31.03.2015 Energie- en klimaatbeleid van het Verenigd Koninkrijk

Lessen voor Nederland?[meer...]

  04.03.2015 The low carbon city development program (LCCDP) guidebook : a systems approach to low carbon development in ci

A World Bank Working Paper[meer...]

  23.02.2015 Land Transport and How to Unlock Investment in Support of "Green Growth"

OECD Green Growth Paper[meer...]

  12.02.2015 Water security for all : the next wave of tools - 2013/14 annual report

World Bank Annual Report[meer...]

  12.02.2015 Material Resources, Productivity and the Environment

This OECD report examines how material resources flow between the economy and the environment, and the factors that drive changes in resource productivity over time and across countries.[meer...]

  09.02.2015 Mapping Channels to Mobilise Institutional Investment in Sustainable Energy

Green Finance and Investment Series[meer...]

  27.10.2014 The Global Green Economy Index: A data-driven benchmark supporting green growth

Inzichten uit de Global Green Economy Index[meer...]

  09.10.2014 Building competitive green industries : the climate and clean technology opportunity for developing countries

A World Bank Working Paper[meer...]

  02.10.2014 Green Growth Indicators for Agriculture: A Preliminary Assessment

OECD Green Growth Studies[meer...]

  01.10.2014 The Global Green Economy Index

Measuring National Performance in the Green Economy, 4th Edition[meer...]