What have we learned from attempts to introduce green-growth policies?


Long-term projections suggest that without policy changes, the continuation of business-as-usual economic growth and development will have serious impacts on natural resources and the ecosystem
services on which human well-being depends. This highlights the necessity for both developed and
developing countries to move to a new growth path that is consistent with the protection of the  environment and a sustainable use of scarce natural resources, while still achieving sizeable gains in living standards and reducing poverty.
Relying on both country-specific and cross-country analyses undertaken at the OECD, this synthesis paper seeks to draw lessons applicable to greengrowth policies from experience in OECD countries and elsewhere.

OECD (2013), "What Have We Learned from Attempts to Introduce Green-Growth Policies?", OECD Green Growth Papers, No. 2013/02, OECD Publishing, Paris.
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1787/5k486rchlnxx-en