Water security for all : the next wave of tools - 2013/14 annual report


The Water Partnership Program (WPP) remains a strategic instrument for the World Bank to bring together the best knowledge, research, and proven approaches to enable countries to catapult towards water security. A longstanding partnership among the World Bank and the governments of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Austria, the WPP supports the Bank?s poverty reduction efforts by mainstreaming climate-resilient growth and pragmatic approaches in Water Resources Management and Water Supply and Sanitation in World Bank projects and analytical work. The second phase of the program commenced in July of 2012. Designed with an expanded scope and duration, Phase II is more targeted to specific water challenges and more results-oriented, to help countries tackle poverty through climate-resilient green growth. It is targeting interventions where resources can make the most impact. This includes aiming at countries that lack capacity and financial resources; sectors that have the most to lose if they don?t take water seriously; and new technological areas to fill existing global knowledge gaps.

World Bank. 2015. Water security for all : the next wave of tools - 2013/14 annual report. Washington, DC : World Bank Group.